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  Languages for Active File Compare

Languages for Active File Compare

Active File Compare has localized interfaces in 21 languages. New versions of the language modules can be downloaded here.


To install a new language, download the archived language file and unpack it into the Language subdirectory in the Active File Compare directory, then restart the program. You can specify the program interface language in the "Settings" dialog box.

Available languages:

For version 1.8

Download German   created by Hellraiser
Download Danish   created by Kim Mikkelsen
Download Korean   created by Tae-won Yun
Download Croatian   created by Predrag Cuklin
Download Russian   created by Dmitry Popov

For version 1.7

Download Polish   created by FigoFago2004PL
Download Czech   created by Exul Bellua
Download Swedish   created by Linus Wendin
Download Greek   created by Lampsakos Lampsakou
Download French   created by Mykerinus
Download Portuguese(Portugal)   created by Leandro Machado Oliveira
Download Italian   created by Claudio Donati Cori
Download Spanish   created by Freelance English-Spanish Technical Localizations - FESTL
Download Dutch   created by Maarten Alderliesten
Download Romanian   created by Octavian Ispas
Download Catalan   created by Jesus Moreno
Download Portuguese(Brazillian)   created by Laudeci Oliveira
Download Hungarian   created by Gabor Mate

For version 1.5 and earlier

Download Simplified Chinese   created by Libra Rain
Download Taiwan  
Download Chinese   created by zhou jirong

Free registration for translators

If you can help us maintain the customer support in your native language, please drop us a line, and you'll get a free registration! Only please contact us prior to starting the translation, you'll receive instructions how to do this.

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