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Program description

Excel Compare is a tool that saves you the trouble of manually searching for differences and offers you computer-aided comparing of Excel files. Excel Compare allows you to compare Excel files, Excel spreadsheets and selected ranges of sheets. Excel Compare compares data straight from your worksheets, and presents the results on a new Excel sheet as a publication-quality report (Difference Report), that is ready to print or save. The report displays the added, deleted and changed data. Use this tool for analyzing the changes made.

Feature List

  • Comparison:
    • Supports all versions of Microsoft Excel
    • Allows for comparing of sheets, that contain a database structure
    • The advanced comparison algorithm for the data not containing unique identifiers
    • Allows for comparing of any selected ranges of a sheet
    • Allows for comparing all files located in two different directories
    • Allows for the comparison of all sheets with the same names in two workbooks
  • Output report:
    • Creates Difference Report as a new Excel sheet
    • Difference Report keeps the format of the compared data
    • Highlighting the cells that have changed
    • Allows for divising of the report into three parts: deleted, added and changed data
  • Other:
    • Allows the automatic addition of user-defined macros to the report workbook
    • Supports Project settings
    • Supports Command Line Options.

What our users are saying:

... I wanted to register Excel Compare because of a) it's high speed, b) the novel approach of displaying the Master and Amended rows on one page, highlighting changes, c) full functionality in trial version to allow testing on databases with thousands of rows and hundreds of columns, d) high likelihood of that this tool would become an important basic tool in my toolbox, e) company acceptance to consider my suggestions for improving the program, and offer of free registration if I would provide comments which added value, f) operational problems in other similar programs.

Jim Steinhauer
Alberta Government


... It does what I need it to do and has it save me a lot of time. I like the feature of the report being in the same format as the input files, and in Excel format. We have developed a specification for an expert system in Excel. I track changes to the specification with Excel Compare and distribute the change reports to developers.

Bob Armstrong
Becton Dickinson


... We have tried several file comparison softwares but nothing came close to ExcelCompare. Instant comparison, complete control and accurate results. We were amazed with the time savings through ExcelCompare. Jobs that used to take us couple of days to complete, now only take several hours.

Tamouh Hakmi


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Excel Compare 3.8
(April 16, 2018)

We are pleased to announce the release of the new version of Excel Compare.

Product Update:

* Full compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit operating systems)

* Added support for high resolution displays (high-DPI displays) - supports display scaling.

Excel Compare main window

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(March 26, 2018)

The new version of Excel Compare
will be available soon.

Excel Compare 3.0.2 beta
(July 31, 2011)

We are pleased to announce the release of the new version of Excel Compare.

Product Update:
* Full support of Windows 7
* Full support of Excel 2007 and Excel 2010
* Support of Office Open XML file format
* New feature: Copy a heading to a report.

Download now
What our users are saying:

Trial download was great. I was Very Happy with the ability to set the options to highlight individual cells as containing the difference. I really like that the output report is in Excel format as I can quickly add some visual features. In short, as a senior technician I have to do a number of engineering change orders which involve bills of material done in Excel. With your software I generate a difference report to check my own editing and present at the initial review. It saves time and catches mistakes.

Peter Cozzi
Ciphergen Biosystems