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Version History

Version 2.0 beta 1 (March 2006)

  • Supports Zip, Tar and GZip archives. Treats archive files as folders. Now you can compare a file with another version of the same file that exists in a zip archive file.
  • New option: Ignore columns. This option allows you to specify ignored and compared characters ranges for each line.
  • Added ability to close open files.
  • Allows drag and drop of files (e.g. from Explorer) for comparison.
  • Bug fixed: The program failed to work, when the synchronization was executed for virtual line.

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Version 1.8 beta (January 2005)

  • Difference summary view;
  • Syntax highlighting for C# (C Sharp) files;
  • Highlights number of the current line;
  • Bug fixed: The program failed to work, causing an error "The parameter is incorrect";
  • Bug fixed: The program failed to sort names of files, causing an error "List index out of bounds";
  • Bug fixed: The program did not compare files, if you have chosen the "Compare" item from the Explorer context menu and file name or path contain spaces;
  • New File Manager commands: "Create Folder" and "Open The Same Folder".

Version 1.7 (June 2003)

  • High speed comparison;
  • New control: Thumbnail View for graphical presentation of differences;
  • New feature: The differing lines have a highlighted background;
  • New feature: Bookmarks for navigation;
  • Allows creating backup files;
  • Allows adding AFC commands in Explorer context menu;
  • Supports Windows XP themes.

Version 1.6 (January 2003)

  • Allows for file editing (also after comparison)
  • Allows for interposing selected lines between the two compared files
  • New option: Auto-compare files
  • New option: Compresses leading white space
  • Syntax highlighting for FoxPro files
  • New view parameter: the number of offset lines of the text to be displayed at the top of the window when we go to the next or previous difference.

Version 1.5 beta 3 ( Jule 2002 )

  • Supports UNICODE text files;
  • Added comparison option: Compresses white space (tabs and spaces);
  • Supports syntax highlighting for Perl, PHP, XML and Fortran files;

Version 1.4.6 ( June 2002 )

  • More correct and fast comparison algorithm.

Version 1.4 ( March 2002 )

New features:

  • Allows to create the Difference Report in HTML format;
  • Shows line number;
  • View Difference Report (added, deleted and changed data);
  • Run external editor and go to line number;
  • File Manager allows to display the marked files only;
  • Copies all the text from one side to the other without having to select the text;
  • Syntax highlighting for Java files: *.java;
  • Syntax highlighting for Config files: *.reg, *.inf, *.ini, *.cfg.

Version 1.2 ( September 2001 )

New features:

  • Project Settings:
    • Can be saved by name for fast access by using hot keys or main menu;
    • Two working directories;
    • Multiple filename/extension filters;
    • Auto-open of the same name file from opposite folder.
  • Command Line Options:
    • Specify named project;
    • Specify base folders, or files to compare;
    • And others.
  • Generates the File Differences report;
  • Color highlighting of differences down to the level of characters
  • Advanced Compare Folders options:
    • Compare time;
    • Compare size;
    • Compare contents.
  • Select / unselect of group files
  • Checking modification of folders and open files outside
  • Go to line number

Version 1.1 ( May 2001 )

  • Added the Show menu controls what file types (associated in the filters) are displayed by File Manager;
  • Syntax highlighting now supports source code Visual Basic;
  • Added functions in File Manager: Copy, Move and Rename;
  • Added option of comparison: Disregards the case of letters;
  • File Manager now displays system icons for files and folders;
  • New preferences: Change Tab to spaces for displaying (number of spaces);
  • Configuration of associations with the types of files.

Version 1.0 ( April 2001 )

  • The first public release

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